VIEW FROM THE FELLS — Rockmount Ranchwear

Interview with Fuji - Brand Manager - Manastash

We were fortunate enough to be able to grab half an hour with Takehiro Fujitsuka AKA Fuji, Brand Manager of Northern Fells favourite Manastash recently. This brand is close to our hearts. They use sustainable materials to create pieces inspired by the outdoors. Their motto is "To create functional, stylish and earth-friendly clothing based on the free wheeling lifestyle." It was a pleasure to sit down with Fuji and hear more about what he gets up to. So tell us a little bit about yourself? I am Fuji, brand manager of Manastash.  For the customers who don’t know could you tell us a little bit about the brand Manastash? Manastash is an eco-conscious outdoor brand established in Seattle in 1993 by Robert...

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Rockmount Ranchwear - Brand Intro

Rockmount Ranchwear are a brand straight out of Denver, Colorado. Jack A. Weil founded the business well over 50 years ago & they’re now into their third generation, with grandson Steve taking the reigns. While they’re now a truly international company, their shirts and blankets are still made in the USA to this day. They live by a set of values. The clothes are made with a lifestyle in mind. While they were innovating the snap buttons on their shirts they were thinking about the cowboys, ranchers and farmers of the American West. The roll call of famous names who have worn Rockmount Ranchwear is long and impressive. They can name Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen and Robert Plant as fans....

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